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We are two of Australia’s sharpest bettors who endeavour to put in as many hours as we can to deliver a completely free weekly entertaining and informative podcast, free BEST BETS which have proven we win at more than 60% ATS over a huge sample size on NRL, NFL, NBA and other sports, post weekly specials, answer any and all questions AND give out tips and strategies.
We are NOT a ‘Pay for Picks’ page despite a proven consistent superior record to many subscription based sites.
If you are one of the many people who have made a great profit from the best bets, jackpotted on one of our free multis, or just enjoy listening to the pod and increasing your Betting IQ, please consider contributing a small portion of your winnings to help us cover production and hosting costs and devote even more time to this totally free service and to give out MORE FREE BEST BETS.
We would be happy to give a shoutout to any contributors with a business or social media page of their own.

Any contribution is greatly appreciated.


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  • Amanda on June 15, 2021

    I’m pretty sure you misspelled the word “deel” on your site. You might want to check out a site like or which have helped me with problems like this in the past.

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