Twelve Punting Commandments (Re-upload from 2021)


January 31, 2023

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TryPod LIVE NRL Betting Podcast
TryPod LIVE NRL Betting Podcast
Twelve Punting Commandments (Re-upload from 2021)

Reloading one of the most popular and important episodes from ‘Wide World of Punting’ (WWOP) for anyone who didn’t catch the series at the time or just want re-listen ahead of the 2023 Season. One hour full of punting theory as Winny shares the TryPod 12 Punting Commandments with guest insight from Tristan. VALUE, STAKING, BOOKIE EDGE, WHEN TO BET, FADE THE PUBLIC, BONUS BETS, SUBSCRIPTIONS, ARBITRAGE, KEEPING ACCOUNTS, LUCK vs SKILL, DISCIPLINE, NEVER CASH OUT.

Not everyone may agree completely on each and every point, but there is something beneficial for everyone to consider that can help improve their punting.

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