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Round 26 NRL Preview


August 31, 2016


TryPod NRL Betting Podcast
Round 26 NRL Preview

The final round is upon us and what a season it’s been! Unfortunately this week it’s a bit of a speed round as the recording didn’t work the first time around… This week the sharps discuss: The greatest correlated multi of the year! Which teams will show up in the last round and who won’t, a detailed breakdown of every scenario in which you can make money off, the disastrous season that was the NZ Warriors, the Tigers new faint hope and what they need to happen to make the 8, which teams are resting key players and whether resting players is a good idea in the lead up to the finals…If you have any questions regarding any correlations in the last week hit us up! More than happy to answer any questions.


  • Luke on September 1, 2016

    hey guys its Luke im still listening to your pod and still doing a great job im not on facebook any more but still gonna keep listening

  • Luke on September 1, 2016

    do you think the brisbane game will be close?

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