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Ⓜ️ 2022 MULTIS: -15 Units

Ⓜ️ 2021 MULTIS: +16.42 Units

We didn’t favour too many sides strongly this weekend as we remain patient and selective through our struggles. For a multi this week I will bring in the knowledge from Winning Mood – the new SuperCoach X Punting crossover show where we discuss and predict individual success and here are three players who will all have opportunities in Round 8.

🐾 STAINES needs production to keep his spot when To’o returns. On the wing on a -20 fav helps too!

🐰 JOHNSTON to come up clutch for the Rabbits who are our BB – off the back of a big Walker game.

⛈ SMITH is not starting but should still get good minutes and is always a threat to crash over especially as Melbourne are massive favs.

💭 Full breakdown: TryPod NRL Betting Podcast 🎧 with Tim Moodie (2021 SuperCoach Champion) 👑

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