NRL Round 4 Multis

🎧 TryPod NRL Round 4 Dabble Multi 👌

🤑 11-1… just hit COPY ©️

Last week lost on one 1.30 AFL leg 💀

Ⓜ️ 2022 MULTIS: -7 Units

Ⓜ️ 2021 MULTIS: +16.42 Units

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Good luck if you’re with us!

And which leg brings it undone if not?


️⚠️Each week I will post a multi on whichever bookie gives us the best odds for the combo I like.
Ⓜ️TRYPOD 2021 MULTIS: +16.42 Units
Ⓜ️TRYPOD 2022 MULTIS: -7 Units
365 🟩🟨

▶️ODDS $51.53 💪Feeling Brave?!

We have yet to hit a multi so far this year but have been CLOSE! I don’t like giving out a lower odds multi when all 3 of our BBs are no longer available at the lines we gave out! I am happy to play a riskier multi on the key games that we feel more strongly about! Definitely can’t say we’ve been timid on this one!😅

🐰 BUNNIES with a bit of GF revenge against a Panthers side that although is elite, they’re a bit banged up & have yet to face adversity this season
🐴 BRONCOS to get their attack humming in sunny Redcliffe
🐔 ROOSTERS in a classic situational spot who will be in-tune
🔒 STORM and EELS we feel will be too strong
🏟 Although we were burned last week, diving back into the wider sports world this week with two locks in the AFL and Union


Watch 👀 or listen 👂 to the TryPod for a breakdown of the NRL every game, every week, from a punting perspective:


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