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Welcome to the first ever edition of the POD POWER RATINGS! A powerful resource for any NRL punter. These ratings will be updated and released every Thursday to reflect how good we think each team in the NRL is for that week. The order of the teams reflects who we would favour to win at a neutral venue THAT week, including known injuries and suspensions.

Taking the difference between the POD POWER RATING of two teams and adding +2.5 to the rating of the home team will give you an APPROXIMATE fair (50/50) line between those teams. If the bookies set the line differently to what TryPod believes it should be, that’s where we find value.

Please note that these ratings are a resource but not a complete ‘be all end all’ tool to find value. These ratings won’t account for specific matchups, situational spots, weather conditions, late personnel info etc which we factor in when looking at specific matches.

If you have any questions, or disagree with the ratings or order, please comment on the Facebook Post on Punters Pod or in our event (Pod Party) to discuss further

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October 16, 2020

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TRYPOD NRL PRELIMS – NO BEST BETS BIG SIDE BETS WHO WINS ALEX OR JACOB NRL FINALS: 5-1 (83%) NRL 2020: 167-101 (62%)2015-19 NRL COMBINED BB RECORD: 1794-1170 (61%) ALL TIME – ALL SPORT BB RECORD: 2628-1816 (59%)2020 NRL s (@ $100/BB): UP +$4252 2020 NRL ultis are up (@ $50/multi): +$254518+ PLEASE GAMBLE RESPONSIBLYWatch/ […]

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