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Originally posted in the TryPod NRL Tips Forum on 10/03/2017…

Is it easy to make money betting? FUCK NO. Why do they keep building casinos in Vegas? Coz the house always wins. Well, not always, but about 98% of punters lose more than they win! 98%! 
How can we be in that 2%? Well, there are A LOT of things we need to know and do. Making POSITIVE EXPECTED VALUE (+ EV) picks is a huge part, and this forum is here to help us find them.
+EV ain’t a sure winner! There is no such thing, not even TryPod 2017 NRL Tips! +EV is a pick that in the long run wins at a higher % than the odds reflect to get you over the bookie margins and into POSITIVE territory. If you bet lines (avg price $1.92) you need to hit 52.1% to BREAK EVEN. Over 52.1% = +EV!
Pod picks all time= 558-373 = 60% = +EV!

Pod 2017 NRL picks = 10-0 = 100% = +EV!
Shoutout to Saul Fine’s soccer tips, understand his avg odds are $1.70 so the BREAK EVEN win% is 58.8%. His record is 47-17 = 73.4% = +EV! Good calls Saul…
I repeat, NOT ALL +EV PICKS WIN! That’s why we need 💸MONEY MANAGEMENT 💸
I can give you $3 odds a coin will land heads (clearly +EV for you) but if we keep playing double or nothing until I say stop, I will win. Manage that money!
PLEASE DON’T PUT THE FARM ON EVERY POD PICK THIS WEEKEND! The odds might be in your favour but anything can happen, it’s fucking sport lads.
When we talk about BANKROLL, that is not all the money you have! Bankroll is all the money you can afford/are willing to LOSE on betting this Season. The pod suggests taking our BEST BETS with 2-3% of your Bankroll. Can afford to lose $1000 in 6 months? Place $20-$30 per game.
DEPOSIT MATCHES & SIGNUP OFFERS -Instantly magnify your season budget!
PROMOS – play every +EV promo you can! (Cash or bonus back, bonus winnings, multi bonus) More accounts = more promos!
SHOP AROUND – play the BEST line or price available every time!
COMPETITIONS – No risk all reward like the $100k challenge and daily giveaways in this group.
DISCIPLINE – On Bet SIZE & BET SELECTION. You will lose 3 in a row – don’t increase your bet size coz you’re due! You may lose 7! Also don’t bet some shit like Darts or the last race at Thargomindah coz you had a bad day and it’s the last thing on! Need that bank available for the next BEST BETS!
Thanks for reading. Stay safe out there punters.

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  • kane on February 20, 2019

    Good to see the tios

  • Luke on July 24, 2021

    Every punter should read (and reread) this summary on money management. And please lads don’t bet on the last at Thargomindah!

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