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April 23, 2021

Best Bets

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💰 NRL 2021 BEST BETS: 17-10 (63%)🔥

Ⓜ️ 2021 MULTIS: -4.43 Units

💰ALL TIME – ALL SPORT BB RECORD: 2715-1877 (59%)

🤑 2021 BBs + MMs @ $100/PLAY = +$446

Ladbrokes and Neds have $2 NRL Lines (Thurs/Fri) so the odds don’t start against you 🤑! TopSport has $2 NRL Lines in the hour before kickoff every match and is where you’ll find the weekly TryPod NRL Mixed Matchup🤹‍♀️

Bookie Signup Codes 🔑 🧬 TopSport: TRYPOD 🔴Lads: TRYPOD250 🟠 Neds: TRYPOD250 👒 BET365/ 🧢SPORTSBET / UNIBET {LINKS ->}

Watch 👀 or listen👂to the TryPod for a breakdown of the NRL every game, every week, from a punting perspective:


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💰Beating the bookies really isn’t easy but one element in our favour is we get to choose when to bet and when not to. In order to be successful over many seasons we’ve found we have to stay selective. Some weeks several matches jump out for value but this week only one does. Would love to hear what others think in terms of their BEST BETS for a tricky Round 7?

🐶 Dogs are the worst team in the comp but they aren’t utterly hopeless. There have been signs of life in their starts vs Broncos and Bunnies, and fight backs vs Storm and Cows. The Sharks are decent and will be boosted by Johnson’s return but don’t expect him to be firing on all cylinders instantly plus they’re still missing Wade Graham and still adjusting to life after knifing poor Johnny Morris. This points spread is mighty high for a non heavyweight to cover. Dogs to keep it competitive first half and full game.


🏉🤹🏻‍♂️TryPod MIXED MATCHUP – NRL ROUND 7🤹🏻‍♂️🏉

Market provided for us by TopSport 🧬 PROMO CODE: TRYPOD


💰 OVERALL: 2-4

Rd 1 @ 2.25 lost 16-12 ❌

Rd 2 @ 3.50 lost 16-16 ❌

Rd 3 @ 2.00 won 28-0 ✅

Rd 4 @ 2.50 won 32-13 ✅

Rd 5 @ 2.25 lost 12-12 ❌

Rd 6 @ 3.00 lost 22-18 ❌

➡️ THIS WEEK: RAIDERS TO OUTSCORE SHARKS @ 3.50 (Max stake $100)

Another one try loss last week 😞 on our $3 play. Behind the eight ball on these if you’ve played all six but I am very confident I’ve found decent value just not enough winners yet. No guarantee we bounce back this week with this $3.50 shot that’s rightfully an underdog big since I’m backing the Bulldogs to not get smashed by Cronulla I give the green machine a decent shot to exceed the Sharks’ total after 2 bad losses and being called out by sticky. What do you guys reckon?

Full reasoning and breakdown of every game every week here:

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These aren’t BEST BETS (price and probability will be more variable) but I will of course track the results all season and work hard as always to make them GREAT BETS – in my view.

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April 30, 2021

Best Bets

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