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January 11, 2020

Best Bets



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🤑Find a list of all the best promos for the NFL here: ➡️Chiefs -7.5 @ $1.80 BE PYOL
➡️Chiefs -4.5 @ $1.81 SB
➡️Chiefs O30 @ $1.85 lads/ neds
➡️D. Williams O71.5 R + R yards @ $1.88 BE
➡️D. Williams ATS @ $2 BE

➡️Packers -3.5 @ $1.88 BE alt
➡️Packers -2.5 FH @ $1.88 BE
➡️D. Adams O80.5 yards @ $1.98 SB
➡️A. Jones O91.5 R + R yards @ $1.98 SB


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Pod NFL 2019 Ⓜ️ultis are up: +105.05 units🔥🔥🔥

All sides and totals discussed on today’s preview podcast.

This might break a record for lowest odds we’ve ever given on a 365 multi but we only have BBs on 2 games this weekend and ultimately this feels to us like a 50% chance and you’re getting $2.40 odds.

🏉3 Legs
😬 Regular Odds: $2.25
✅With 365 CASH BONUS: $2.40


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Did you know Unibet also has LIVE NFL STREAMING 📺 👌

Pod NFL 2019 Ⓜ️ultis are up: +105.05 units🔥🔥🔥

⚠️Get bonus CASH on top of your multis!

✅3 legs = 10% bonus CASH

➡️3 LEGS
😬Regular Odds: $5.74
✅With 20% PROFIT BOOST: $6.21

*Always confirm within your own app if Promos are available to you*

As always best of luck on the punt but please gamble responsibly! For TryPod advice on Responsible Gambling and Money Management click here; If Gambling ever becomes a problem for you there is always help available. The National Gambling Help Website – This is an online facility for help. Please find it at

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  • daonna on January 12, 2020

    Hey guys it seems you have a fair grasp of the basics of NFL betting but your record is misleading.
    if you’re taking odds below 1.91 you can’t be saying you’re laying 11/10.
    At 1.80 you’re laying 125 to win 100 and you need to hit at 55.55% to break even.
    Also the obscure alt lines you’re recommending to buy points at places like Beteasy are impossible to get decent money down.
    If u were fair dinkum you’d recommend bets at the true -110 lines in liquid markets and you wouldn’t be making excuses after every second loss.
    I get it, u need to pad your record to keep the easy affiliate money flowing in but it’s unethical to keep records using fantasy lines and u need to be called out.

    • TryPod on January 19, 2020

      Hey mate our record is not meant to be misleading. This season in NFL we openly show is down 5 units despite being at 52%. Not every bet is 1.80 and we still grab odds higher than 1.91 too such as last week hitting two different BBs at $1.98. The record is a simple way to give a guide how we do each week and we wish it was better but on the other hand we have absolutely crushed multis this season up over 100 units. Please don’t come at us calling us unethical we are the most transparent tipsters around providing free content and free tips. We cannot control how much money you are able to put on any given tip, if we suggest an Alt line it is for good reason we believe it is a key point or half point that we suggest it’s worth sacrificing 10c for and that comes out in the tracked +/- units because if it wins it’s a lower price. Regarding affiliate money again if you follow us you’ll see we have made undisputed profit in every sport season for 5 straight years, and regrettably having a bad season BB-wise in NFL which is an extremely tough sport to beat, but multis are up over 100 units. Nobody following us can genuinely suggest we do anything but our best for followers.

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