November 1, 2018


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There’s been a few discussions in our Facebook Forum https://m.facebook.com/groups/1652705744856646 about various paid subscription tipsters – especially ones that are showing they’re up vast amounts of ‘units’.

‘I usually punt around $100 at a time so that’s my ‘unit’. This page I’m looking at says they are up 100 Units in a week. So if I subscribe I’ll make $10K next week right? Any amount of subscription fee is worth that right?’ – Probably not.

A lot of it has to do with how people define a ‘unit’.

For example if you wanted to compare the body of work of the TryPod (ALL 100% FREE TIPS) in the last 4 years to let’s say… a Racing Tipster ?? that might put anywhere from 1 to 20 units per race, or an NBA tipster ? who puts on around 8 units per tip… Then let’s make every Pod BB an 8 unit play too.

2972 BBs x 8 = 23776 UNITS OUTLAYED

1787 WINS x 1.894 AVG WIN ODDS x 8 = 27076 UNITS RETURNED

27076 – 23776 = +3300 UNITS PROFIT ?

So that $100 punter above is up $330K?

Probably not – Still, not bad for 100% FREE Tips ?

Some tipping services suggest splitting your Bankroll into 1000 units (maybe so it sounds better when they win). While at the Pod we suggest putting 2-3% of your bankroll on per BB. Under a 1000 unit system that would be the equivalent of 25 units per BB. By those numbers Pod BBs are up OVER +10,000 UNITS ALL TIME! That $100 bettor is now a MILLIONAIRE ???!

Probably not. Still, not bad for 100% FREE Tips ?

We aren’t trying to bring any others down, in fact we built the TryPod App as a platform FREE for ANYONE to demonstrate their prowess ?

? When evaluating any tipster YOU SHOULD ALWAYS BE SCEPTICAL – just like you probably where when you first encountered the Pod. Especially with paid services, firstly you want to check;

➡️ARE THE RESULTS LEGIT (yes there might be some FB statuses, maybe even a spreadsheet screenshot – but do you know anyone who can validate it’s real?)

➡️ WHAT IS THE SAMPLE SIZE (Every punter has ups and downs. Just be mindful not every punter who starts with an up is guaranteed long term success. The larger the sample, the more confident you can be.)

Let’s say the above stacks up and they’re legit. Ok so HOW good are they…

➡️ IF THEY’RE UP HEAPS OF ‘UNITS’ – HOW MANY UNITS PER TIP? (are they inflating the bottom line with an unreasonable and unsustainable amount of risk per tip, or splitting the bankroll up into tiny pieces?)

➡️IF THEIR WINNING % IS VERY HIGH – WHAT ARE THE AVERAGE ODDS OF THEIR WINNERS (Winning % is a completely useless statistic without the context of the price of winners tipped.)

We could go on, but you’ve read enough! Let’s leave the comments and the Forum for further discussion.


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